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» Forming of the PEAR Core list

Published: 14th November 2003

The goal if this decision is to improve the QA process in PEAR.

There will be a new open mailinglist called pear-core which will supersede pear-qa (everybody from pear-qa will be automatically subscribed). This mailing list will handle the following things:

We will also encourage people from php-qa and pecl-dev to join the list in order to get them more involved in pearweb and even more importantly pear installer.


A lot of the discussions we have had on PEAR Group didn't really belong there. Instead they should have been discussed on pear-qa (pear-core from now on) or pear-doc. In order to make things more open we have decided to create the pear-core list, which sole purpose is to discuss topics of basic relevance to the whole PEAR project. This will diminish the volume in pear-dev, which is dedicated to topics related to the development of the software packages in PEAR.

We expect that from the discussions in the pear-core list useful community-proposed rules and standards will emerge. These rules and standards must have a general consensus to be adopted and the backing of the PEAR group (which has veto power on proposals considered disruptive and prejudicial to the health of the PEAR project as a whole). If no clear consensus is reached the matter might be handled by the PEAR group, or a new round of discussions initiated, the choice will depend on the reasons and need for the particular rule(s)/standard(s).

We will strongly encourage the presence of people from other projects on this list in order to ensure that they also participate as much as possible in the QA process. Remember that we need the fine PHP QA folks to ensure that PEAR works flawlessly in the PHP distribution. Also the fine PECL folks rely on our infrastructure for their website and distribution process, which is on our best interest to get more feedback and help.