Election Results for tie break election between Paul M. Jones and Justin Patrin:

Election Issue

In the election for PEAR Group 1 there is a tie for 7th place, resulting in 8 winners, but the PEAR constitution 2 only allows for 7 and does not specify how to resolve this conflict.

To resolve this issue, this is a run-off election between Paul M. Jones and Justin Patrin.

Paul M. Jones's user information is at http://pear.php.net/user/pmjones

Justin Patrin's user information is at http://pear.php.net/user/justinpatrin

Eligible Voters PEAR Developers
Election dates 2007-05-11 until 2007-05-25
Voter turnout 0.81%
Results (1 winners)
Vote percentageChoiceVotes
52.27%Paul M. Jones23
45.45%Justin Patrin20
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