Election Results for Elect PEAR Group members for term May 1, 2007-May 1, 2008:

Election Issue

PEAR Group members have the power to

  1. grant CVS karma
  2. decide all policy that affects more than one collective, like coding standards

To vote for a PEAR Group member, you must be a PEAR developer

Eligible Voters PEAR Developers
Election dates 2007-04-20 until 2007-04-30
Voter turnout 1.12%
Results (8 winners)
Vote percentageChoiceVotes
11.01%Martin Jansen47
10.07%David Coallier43
9.37%Arnaud Limbourg40
9.13%Joshua Eichorn39
8.90%Christian Weiske38
8.43%Helgi ├×ormar36
8.20%Justin Patrin35
8.20%Paul M. Jones35
7.73%Mark Wiesemann33
6.09%Bertrand Mansion26
5.39%Joe Stump23
4.92%Stefan Neufeind21
2.58%Brett Bieber11
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