Election Results for PEAR Group Elections 2009-2010:

Election Issue

The PEAR Elections are the perfect way to raise your voice and make a change to this proven long lasting project.

You need to vote on the nominees and the elected people will be working all year long in order to improve PEAR and make it like our community wants it.

Eligible Voters PEAR Developers
Election dates 2009-07-16 until 2009-08-05
Voter turnout 0.92%
Results (7 winners)
Vote percentageChoiceVotes
16.67%Christian Weiske44
12.50%Chuck Burgress33
12.12%Daniel O'Connor32
11.74%Ken Guest31
11.36%Bill Shupp30
11.36%Brett Bieber30
9.47%Michael Gauthier25
7.58%Alexey Borzov20
6.82%Travis Swicegood18
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