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Bug #4924 Links in record type nodes do not work
Submitted: 2005-07-26 18:19 UTC
From: pear at benbeaumont dot com Assigned: sebastian
Status: Closed Package: Image_GraphViz
PHP Version: 4.3.4 OS: Debian
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 [2005-07-26 18:19 UTC] pear at benbeaumont dot com
Description: ------------ If we put links in a record type node for an edge to link to, it doesn't work (e.g.: $graph->addNode( 'struct1', array( 'label' => '<f0> left|<f1> mid\ dle|<f2> right', 'shape' => 'record' ) ); #this is taken from an example at This is because the output has \" in, when I removed them from lines 407,435 and 460, then it seems to work. Test script: --------------- <?php $graph = new Image_GraphViz(); ##example from @ $graph->addNode( 'struct1', array( 'label' => '<f0> left|<f1> mid\ dle|<f2> right', 'shape' => 'record' ) ); $graph->addNode( 'struct2', array( 'label' => '<f0> one|<f1> two', 'shape' => 'record' ) ); $graph->addNode( 'struct3', array( 'label' => 'hello\nworld |{ b |{c|<here> d|e}| f}| g | h', 'shape' => 'record' ) ); $graph->addEdge( array( 'struct1:f1' => 'struct2:f0' ) ); $graph->addEdge( array( 'struct1:f2' => 'struct3:here' ) ); #echo $graph->Parse(); $graph->image('jpg'); ?> Expected result: ---------------- Should have 3 record objects with links from within the objects to each other (e.g. from 'MId dle' to 'one' and 'right' to 'd') -- see the link to see the example. Actual result: -------------- There are more groups where the link names have been created as seperate nodes.


 [2007-11-18 02:20 UTC] jausions (Philippe Jausions)
Patch available below along with patched class file and some test files (although not .phpt yet) (the patch file itself is too big to be attached here) Fixes Bug #4924, Req #6630, Req #8295, Bug #10753.
 [2007-11-19 07:12 UTC] sebastian (Sebastian Bergmann)
Thank you for your bug report. This issue has been fixed in the latest released version of the package, which you can download at