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Bug #2881 TreeMenu not displayed in browser
Submitted: 2004-12-03 11:59 UTC
From: patrick dot tissot at airbus dot com Assigned:
Status: Bogus Package: HTML_TreeMenu
PHP Version: 5.0.2 OS: windows 2000
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 [2004-12-03 11:59 UTC] patrick dot tissot at airbus dot com
Description: ------------ I call a PHP page that contains an HTML_TreeMenu built from an XML file. But nothing is displayed on my browser. However when I right click on the html page an select 'view source code' I can see that the tree is succesfully generated (see html code below), but it is not displayed: I got a white page. I am on IE 6.0.2800. Do you have any answer to my problem? Do you think it is linked to my browser version (IE 6.0.2800)? Thank you very much Patrick TISSOT Reproduce code: --------------- <html> <head> <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/EDMS.css" type="text/css"> <link rel="stylesheet" media="screen" href="css/tree.css" /> <script src="javascript/TreeMenu.js" language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" /> </head> <body> <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> objTreeMenu_1 = new TreeMenu("images/tree", "objTreeMenu_1", "pageFrame", "treeMenuDefault", true, false); newNode = objTreeMenu_1.addItem(new TreeNode('MuST Home Page', 'loupe.jpg', 'StartPage.html', false, true, '', '', null)); newNode_1 = newNode.addItem(new TreeNode('Discipline 1', 'folder.gif', null, false, true, '', '', 'folder-expanded.gif')); newNode_2 = newNode.addItem(new TreeNode('Discipline 2', 'folder.gif', null, false, true, '', '', 'folder-expanded.gif')); newNode_3 = newNode.addItem(new TreeNode('Discipline 3', 'folder.gif', null, false, true, '', '', 'folder-expanded.gif')); newNode_3_1 = newNode_3.addItem(new TreeNode('Function 1', 'folder.gif', null, false, true, '', '', 'folder-expanded.gif')); newNode_3_1_1 = newNode_3_1.addItem(new TreeNode('Document 1', 'img-page.gif', null, false, true, '', '', null)); newNode_3_1_1_1 = newNode_3_1_1.addItem(new TreeNode('v1.0', 'pdfIcon.gif', 'document/document1.pdf', false, true, '', '', null)); newNode_4 = newNode.addItem(new TreeNode('Discipline 4', 'folder.gif', null, false, true, '', '', 'folder-expanded.gif')); objTreeMenu_1.drawMenu(); objTreeMenu_1.writeOutput(); objTreeMenu_1.resetBranches(); </script></body> </html> Expected result: ---------------- The code abve should be displayed on the browser Actual result: -------------- The html code above is not displayed in my browser (IE 6.0.2800)


 [2004-12-03 13:09 UTC] mike
Sorry, but your problem does not imply a bug in PEAR itself. For a list of more appropriate places to ask for help using PEAR, please visit as this bug system is not the appropriate forum for asking support questions. Thank you for your interest in PEAR. Use <script></script> tags.