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in file mock.php, variable Mail_mock::$_postSendCallback
    Callback after sending mai.
in file mock.php, variable Mail_mock::$_preSendCallback
    Callback before sending mail.
in file smtp.php, method Mail_smtp::_error()
    Build a standardized string describing the current SMTP error.
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_hasUnclosedBrackets()
    Checks if a string has an unclosed brackets or not. IMPORTANT: This function handles both angle brackets and square brackets;
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_hasUnclosedBracketsSub()
    Sub function that is used only by hasUnclosedBrackets().
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_hasUnclosedQuotes()
    Checks if a string has unclosed quotes or not.
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_isGroup()
    Checks for a group at the start of the string.
in file Mail.php, method Mail::_sanitizeHeaders()
    Sanitize an array of mail headers by removing any additional header strings present in a legitimate header's value. The goal of this filter is to prevent mail injection attacks.
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_splitAddresses()
    Splits an address into separate addresses.
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_splitCheck()
    A common function that will check an exploded string.
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_validateAddress()
    Function to begin checking the address.
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_validateAddrSpec()
    Function to validate an addr-spec.
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_validateAtom()
    Function to validate an atom which from rfc822 is: atom = 1*<any CHAR except specials, SPACE and CTLs>
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_validateDliteral()
    Function to validate a domain literal: domain-literal = "[" *(dtext / quoted-pair) "]"
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_validateDomain()
    Function to validate a domain, though this is not quite what you expect of a strict internet domain.
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_validateLocalPart()
    Function to validate the local part of an address: local-part = word *("." word)
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_validatePhrase()
    Function to validate a phrase.
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_validateQuotedString()
    Function to validate quoted string, which is: quoted-string = <"> *(qtext/quoted-pair) <">
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_validateRoute()
    Function to validate a route, which is: route = 1#("@" domain) ":"
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_validateRouteAddr()
    This function validates a route-addr which is: route-addr = "<" [route] addr-spec ">"
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::_validateSubdomain()
    Function to validate a subdomain: subdomain = domain-ref / domain-literal
in file mail.php, method Mail_mail::__construct()
in file smtp.php, method Mail_smtp::__construct()
in file smtpmx.php, method Mail_smtpmx::__construct()
in file sendmail.php, method Mail_sendmail::__construct()
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::__construct()
    Sets up the object. The address must either be set here or when calling parseAddressList(). One or the other.
in file mock.php, method Mail_mock::__construct()
in file smtpmx.php, method Mail_smtpmx::__destruct()
    Destructor implementation to ensure that we disconnect from any potentially-alive persistent SMTP connections.
in file smtp.php, method Mail_smtp::__destruct()
    Destructor implementation to ensure that we disconnect from any potentially-alive persistent SMTP connections.


in file RFC822.php, variable Mail_RFC822::$address
    The address being parsed by the RFC822 object.
in file RFC822.php, variable Mail_RFC822::$addresses
    The array of raw addresses built up as we parse.
in file smtp.php, variable Mail_smtp::$auth
    Should SMTP authentication be used?
in file smtp.php, method Mail_smtp::addServiceExtensionParameter()
    Add parameter associated with a SMTP service extension.
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::approximateCount()
    Returns an approximate count of how many addresses are in the


in file smtpmx.php, variable Mail_smtpmx::$debug
    Turn on Net_SMTP debugging?
in file smtp.php, variable Mail_smtp::$debug
    Turn on Net_SMTP debugging?
in file RFC822.php, variable Mail_RFC822::$default_domain
    The default domain to use for unqualified addresses.
in file smtp.php, method Mail_smtp::disconnect()
    Disconnect and destroy the current SMTP connection.


in file RFC822.php, variable Mail_RFC822::$error
    The current error message, if any.
in file smtpmx.php, variable Mail_smtpmx::$errorCode
    internal error codes


in file Mail.php, method Mail::factory()
    Provides an interface for generating Mail:: objects of various types


in file smtp.php, method Mail_smtp::getSMTPObject()
    Connect to the SMTP server by instantiating a Net_SMTP object.


in file smtp.php, variable Mail_smtp::$host
    The SMTP host to connect to.


in file RFC822.php, variable Mail_RFC822::$index
    An internal counter/pointer.
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::isValidInetAddress()
    This is a email validating function separate to the rest of the


in file RFC822.php, variable Mail_RFC822::$limit
    A limit after which processing stops
in file smtp.php, variable Mail_smtp::$localhost
    Hostname or domain that will be sent to the remote SMTP server in the HELO / EHLO message.


in file smtpmx.php, variable Mail_smtpmx::$mailname
    Hostname or domain that will be sent to the remote SMTP server in the HELO / EHLO message.
in file RFC822.php, variable Mail_RFC822::$mailRFC822
    A variable so that we can tell whether or not we're inside a Mail_RFC822 object.
in file Mail.php, class Mail
    PEAR's Mail:: interface. Defines the interface for implementing mailers under the PEAR hierarchy, and provides supporting functions useful in multiple mailer backends.
procedural page mail.php
procedural page mock.php
procedural page Mail.php
in file mail.php, class Mail_mail
    internal PHP-mail() implementation of the PEAR Mail:: interface.
in file mock.php, class Mail_mock
    Mock implementation of the PEAR Mail:: interface for testing.
in file null.php, class Mail_null
    Null implementation of the PEAR Mail:: interface.
in file RFC822.php, class Mail_RFC822
    RFC 822 Email address list validation Utility
in file sendmail.php, class Mail_sendmail
    Sendmail implementation of the PEAR Mail:: interface.
in file smtp.php, class Mail_smtp
    SMTP implementation of the PEAR Mail interface. Requires the Net_SMTP class.
in file smtpmx.php, method Mail_smtpmx::Mail_smtpmx()
    Constructor wrapper for PHP4
in file smtpmx.php, class Mail_smtpmx
    SMTP MX implementation of the PEAR Mail interface. Requires the Net_SMTP class.


in file RFC822.php, variable Mail_RFC822::$nestGroups
    Should we return a nested array showing groups, or flatten everything?
in file RFC822.php, variable Mail_RFC822::$num_groups
    The number of groups that have been found in the address list.
procedural page null.php


in file smtp.php, variable Mail_smtp::$password
    The password to use if the SMTP server requires authentication.
in file smtp.php, variable Mail_smtp::$persist
    Indicates whether or not the SMTP connection should persist over multiple calls to the send() method.
in file smtp.php, variable Mail_smtp::$pipelining
    Use SMTP command pipelining (specified in RFC 2920) if the SMTP server supports it. This speeds up delivery over high-latency connections. By default, use the default value supplied by Net_SMTP.
in file smtpmx.php, variable Mail_smtpmx::$port
    The port the SMTP server is on.
in file smtp.php, variable Mail_smtp::$port
    The port the SMTP server is on.
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::parseAddressList()
    Starts the whole process. The address must either be set here or when creating the object. One or the other.
in file Mail.php, method Mail::parseRecipients()
    Take a set of recipients and parse them, returning an array of bare addresses (forward paths) that can be passed to sendmail or an smtp server with the rcpt to: command.
in file Mail.php, method Mail::prepareHeaders()
    Take an array of mail headers and return a string containing text usable in sending a message.


in file smtpmx.php, variable Mail_smtpmx::$resolver
procedural page RFC822.php


in file sendmail.php, variable Mail_sendmail::$sendmail_args
    Any extra command-line parameters to pass to the sendmail or sendmail wrapper binary.
in file sendmail.php, variable Mail_sendmail::$sendmail_path
    The location of the sendmail or sendmail wrapper binary on the filesystem.
in file mock.php, variable Mail_mock::$sentMessages
    Array of messages that have been sent with the mock.
in file Mail.php, variable Mail::$sep
    Line terminator used for separating header lines.
in file smtp.php, variable Mail_smtp::$socket_options
    The list of socket options
in file RFC822.php, variable Mail_RFC822::$structure
    The final array of parsed address information that we build up.
procedural page sendmail.php
in file smtp.php, method Mail_smtp::send()
    Implements Mail::send() function using SMTP.
in file smtpmx.php, method Mail_smtpmx::send()
    Implements Mail::send() function using SMTP direct delivery
in file Mail.php, method Mail::send()
    Implements Mail::send() function using php's built-in mail() command.
in file sendmail.php, method Mail_sendmail::send()
    Implements Mail::send() function using the sendmail command-line binary.
in file mock.php, method Mail_mock::send()
    Implements Mail_mock::send() function. Silently discards all mail.
in file mail.php, method Mail_mail::send()
    Implements Mail_mail::send() function using php's built-in mail() command.
in file null.php, method Mail_null::send()
    Implements Mail_null::send() function. Silently discards all mail.
in file smtp.php, method Mail_smtp::send_or_fail()


in file smtpmx.php, variable Mail_smtpmx::$test
    Switch to test mode - don't send emails for real
in file smtpmx.php, variable Mail_smtpmx::$timeout
    SMTP connection timeout value. NULL indicates no timeout.
in file smtp.php, variable Mail_smtp::$timeout
    SMTP connection timeout value. NULL indicates no timeout.


in file smtp.php, variable Mail_smtp::$username
    The username to use if the SMTP server requires authentication.


in file RFC822.php, variable Mail_RFC822::$validate
    Whether or not to validate atoms for non-ascii characters.
in file smtpmx.php, variable Mail_smtpmx::$verp
    Whether to use VERP or not. If not a boolean, the string value will be used as the VERP separators.
in file smtpmx.php, variable Mail_smtpmx::$vrfy
    Whether to use VRFY or not.
in file RFC822.php, method Mail_RFC822::validateMailbox()
    Function to validate a mailbox, which is: mailbox = addr-spec ; simple address / phrase route-addr ; name and route-addr


in file smtpmx.php, variable Mail_smtpmx::$withNetDns
    use either PEAR:Net_DNS or getmxrr

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