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  • Voter: Daniel Convissor 
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I agree with Jan's comments.

To amplify and clarify the point about setting varialbes in HL7.php...
* make an HL7 class.
* make these variables properties of that class, eg:
* then, to change these settings use an options array to the constructor or a setOption() method. See how PEAR::DB handles this.

In addition, use ' instead of " when you're not evaluating variables in the string.

Note, the directory in the PEAR CVS repository will be Net_HL7, not Net/HL7.

You have "Copyright (c) 1997-2004 The PHP Group" in the header. Is that really what you intend?

Some of your docblocks don't have short description -- for example Net_HL7_Message(). The first line should be a quick sentence. The full description should follow in a separate paragraph. See the "Sample File" in the coding standards on how to make them

Add docblocks for all the var declarations.

Lowercase your boolean constants: "True" should be "true" and "False" should be "false."