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  • Bertrand Mansion  [2004-06-16 12:03 UTC]

    What is HL7 ?
  • Tobias Schlitt  [2004-06-16 14:39 UTC]

    @Bertrand: Maybe you should read the proposal description?

    There are some strange documentation texts, such as:

    <snip file="Net/HL7/Connection.php">
    * $conn = new Net::HL7::Connection('localhost', 8089);
    * $req = new Net::HL7::Request();

    The form and ammount of docs is quite nice, but the calls are nonsense, IMHO. :)

    Some coding standards to fix:
    function Net_HL7_Connection($host, $port) {

    should be

    function Net_HL7_Connection($host, $port)

    Else I got no clue, what that HL7 stuff is concretely used for, but that's not necessary, I guess. :)