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The package try to reformat and beautify Php code automatically.

  1. Automatic indentation of PHP source code according to given number of spaces
  2. Automatic newlines, if required
  3. You can use the web frontend, command line or the class.
  4. Plug-in architecture, by the use of Filters (event based architecture). The control of beautify proccess is delegated on the Filters. Pear specs are one these.
  5. The code to beautify can make callbacks to the base class and the filters. So, you can set the options for the beautify inside the same file
  6. Batch processing

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  • Console_Getopt
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  • First Draft: 2004-05-13
  • Proposal: 2004-05-15
  • Call for Votes: 2004-05-23
  • Claudio Bustos
    [2004-05-20 07:40 UTC]

    * The output for T_COMMENT_DOCS was erroneous. This problem is fixed, and default filter auto-indent inner lines
    * Added new funcionts on base class.
    * Setting 'add_header' (by default:off) of Pear Filter can accept the name of the license (php,apache, bsd or lgpl) or any file. The filter search for the word 'license' in the first(s) comment of the file; if doesn't exists, add the header.
  • Claudio Bustos
    [2004-05-21 08:05 UTC]

    - Bug fix: Write the constant number instead of the token name when the token not listed on $this->aTokenFunctions.
    + New documentation: Instructions and examples of use for class and command line.
    + The examples in .phps are parsed with a script, to bypass the bad configuration of my hosting :P
  • Claudio Bustos
    [2004-05-22 07:12 UTC]

    + Added more documentation: command line examples and commentaries about the no-for-now compatibility for PHP4 (to install, no problem in beautify PHP 4 scripts)
    - Bug fix: Dependency for PHP version in installer corrected (from '5.0.0' to '5')