Proposal for "XML_Annotea"

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XML_Annotea provides both client AND server services for the W3C Annotea protocol (see: The server sits on top of the standard webserver, and is not an attempt at a stand-alone daemon.

When finished, the client and server will fully support the Annotea protocol as it currently stands.

I will also make it possible for the client and server classes to interact within the body of a single script, i.e. no network traffic will be sent. To just make this more simple it would be:

1. Create Client object and have it make a new message
2. Create Server object and pass the message to it
3. Server object handles the message as it were come through HTTP POST

I also have plans to create another class within the package called XML_Annotea_HTML which will output the annotations as HTML+JS+CSS which looks like a threaded conversation.

Please note: The package is not yet fully working. The public API is now complete and creation/sending/recieving/parsing of annotations is also complete, however storage using MDB hasn't been written. I feel there is enough code to vote on whether or not to put it into PEAR, and I *really* need CVS now.

Please see for the Annotea specs.
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  • * HTTP (with my modifications in my patch a few weeks ago, if those are not accepted, the dependency will be dropped and the code moved into XML_Annotea)
  • * HTTP_Request
  • * XML_Beautifier
  • * RAP - Currently I'm using the RDF API for PHP, which Lukas, Arnaud and myself are bringing over to PEAR CS to put into the repository. My plan is to bundle the source inside XML_Annotea till we're done. I will not put the version as > 0.99 or mark it stable till then.
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  • First Draft: 2003-11-29
  • Proposal: 2003-11-29
  • Call for Votes: 2003-12-07