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MDB2_TableBrowser: class to turn any database table or view into an easy to manipulate data browsing object.

If you really hate using sql in your code, having to piece together bits of sql to make queries...this class gives you an alternative. If you ever needed to build a data browsing or a directory application, you may appreciate this.

You can use this class to create a tableBrowser object for each of the tables you need to work with. This object has convenient methods to retrieve/filter/update/insert rows into the table without any sql.

If you need to work with data that spans multiple tables, you can create a table view(assuming your database supports it) based on a multi-table join. Once you create your table view, you can use this class on it in the same way as you would a regular table.

See examples on the link below...
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  • MDB2
  • PHP >= 5
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  • First Draft: 2008-08-28
  • Proposal: 2008-08-28
  • Call for Votes: 2008-09-10
  • Isaac Tewolde
    [2008-08-30 17:57 UTC]

    -Created a factory class to deal with the creation of new table_browser objects
    -Re-wrote the example.php to reflect new changes
    -table_browser can also be created without a factory method, but in that case it requires a mysql resource as a paramater
    -Some of the terminology has been changed to be more clear
  • Isaac Tewolde
    [2008-09-07 17:31 UTC]

    -Class now used mdb2 instead of the mysql methods.
    -New examples added for insertRow & updateRow methods
    -Renamed methods and class properties to be closer to pear cs