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What's GRDDL?
If you know what Microformats are, and have heard about the 'Semantic Web', then you'd like to know about GRDDL.

GRDDL is a way of extracting RDF from HTML and XML documents. It is a W3C standard.

Basically, if you publish information in hCard, and add in one additional LINK tag, GRDDL can be used to discover that structured microformat data as RDF.

You could then add that data to a triplestore,

What does this package do then?
This package provides a neat, clean API for a driver based GRDDL implementation.

It has one current driver, based on php's internal libxml / libxsl capabilities.

It has a good number of w3 test cases which pass, and is close on others at this time

What's left to do?
Implement more drivers - XSLT 2.0 has only one respectable implementation around, saxon.

1) - GRDDL Spec
2) - GRDDL primer
3) - Microformats information
4) - Home on google code
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  • xsl extension
  • php 5.2.6
  • HTTP_Request
  • Net_URL
  • Log
  • tidy extension
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  • First Draft: 2008-02-29
  • Proposal: 2008-02-29
  • Call for Votes: 2008-05-03
  • Daniel O'Connor
    [2008-03-01 03:03 UTC]

    Addresses concerns with PEAR coding style somewhat
    Implemented missing eRDF/HTML profile reading
    Implement workarounds for server snafu

    Apart from a few extra long lines, php_codesniffer is somewhat happy.
  • Daniel O'Connor
    [2008-03-02 14:44 UTC]

    Fixed broken link, as I went a bit svn rename happy...
  • Daniel O'Connor
    [2008-03-08 00:13 UTC]

    Updated description to include GRDDL primer link
  • Daniel O'Connor
    [2008-03-09 09:29 UTC]

    Updated to 0.0.3

    Passes more GRDDL test cases.
    At the moment, all but the xml:base related tests function correctly.

    You can now use a Log object to determine what's going on internally.
    You can also now pre-clean any HTML via the tidy extension
  • Daniel O'Connor
    [2008-03-22 07:12 UTC]

    Version bump to 0.0.4

    Passing more W3C tests, API seems to be about stable, code is PHP_CodeSniffer friendly except for long lines in a few cases.

    Added in an external python script as part of tests, and a command line grddl runner.

    This will be the last change before call to votes; so if you've got questions, ask away!
  • Daniel O'Connor
    [2008-05-03 15:04 UTC]

    Updated version - minor improvements to examples, enforced min php version requirements.

    Now that php 5.2.6 is out, this package should work neatly out of the box.