Proposal for "PEAR_Size"

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  • Category: PEAR
  • Proposer: Ken Guest 
  • License: LGPL
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A commandline tool modeled on the unix utility 'df' that lists how much filespace each installed package consumes. The total consumed by each channel is also displayed. A subset of packages can be specified as can channels.

See the package documentation link for usage examples.
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  • Console_Getopt
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  • First Draft: 2008-01-05
  • Proposal: 2008-01-05
  • Call for Votes: 2008-03-03
  • Ken Guest
    [2008-01-07 14:49 UTC]

    seperated major parts of the code into a PEAR_Size class as per David's comments.
    Obviously more to do, but moving in the right direction I think.
  • Ken Guest
    [2008-03-03 19:24 UTC]

    Now working under Windows XP (tested with xamp); re-architected how information is displayed/reported so it can be customised more easily (as per David Coallier's suggestion).

    Time to call for votes ;-)