Proposal for "Services_Facebook"

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  • Category: Web Services
  • Proposer: Joe Stump 
  • License: BSD Style
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Services_Facebook is a PHP interface for Facebook's API. It fully implements all of the current API endpoints (unlike Facebook's own PHP class) and is partially unit tested (difficult to fully unit test due to the nature of Facebook's API in that some endpoints you can only post to once a day, etc. So a test will pass and then fail on the second run).

The package is organized in a way that adding new endpoints is fairly trivial and, if at all possible, was implemented in a way that returns standard PHP data types. For result sets, however, SimpleXmlElement's are returned.
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  • PHP 5.1.0+
  • curl
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  • First Draft: 2007-10-21
  • Proposal: 2007-10-21
  • Call for Votes: 2008-04-03
  • Joe Stump
    [2008-04-04 03:42 UTC]

    Switched links over to Google Code, which is now the project's home.