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Locale_Maketext is a PHP port of Sean M. Burke's Perl Module Locale::Maketext. Locale_Maketext is an extensible software localisation framework.

Locale_Maketext provides you with the tools for organizing and accessing the bits of text and text-processing code that you need for producing localized applications.

It's sub-class Locale_Maketext_Gettext works nicely together with PHP's gettext extension such that you can still use gettext's features to store, manage, and retreive text resources. Besides, it is simple to extend Locale_Maketext to use other sources of translated resources such as a DB for example.

Please read the introductory article for Locale_Maketext, published in The Perl Journal. This article can be found here:
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  • PEAR
  • I18Nv2 (optional)
  • gettext Extension (optional)
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  • First Draft: 2004-04-04
  • Proposal: 2004-04-04
  • Call for Votes: 2004-06-10
  • Hans Jürgen von Lengerke
    [2004-04-12 21:06 UTC]

    Changes to proposal:

    - Name changed to Locale_Maketext
    - now "PEARalysed" (extends PEAR, uses PEAR_Error)
    - phpDocumentor class documentation (see doc-link from proposal page)
    - peardoc/DocBook documentation ready for PEAR Documentation (see doc-link from proposal page)
    - some bugfixes
    - now easier to extend
    - factory method now called factory()

    Thanks to everybody who pointed me into the right directions. Please review your comments and let me know if something isn't yet ready for voting stage.

    Thanks, Hans
  • Hans Jürgen von Lengerke
    [2004-04-17 13:47 UTC]

    - Locale_Maketext_Gettext now uses I18Nv2::setLocale, if I18Nv2 is available
    - constants for error codes defined
    - PHPUnit test suite will work from both pear installation directory and unpacked distribution

    If there are no further comments I will enter voting stage in a few days.