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OpenDocument is a package to read, create or modify office documents in open document format.
OpenDocument format is a replacement for proprietary office formats such as .doc or .xls. This package is a very useful tool for php developers and another point to switch from proprietary office formats to OpenDocument one, that means switching to open source software and standards.
OpenDocument was developed as a project of Google Summer of Code 2006 Program.
Package provides object oriented style for working with open documents, a little similar to DOM as for XML.

$odt = new OpenDocument;
$h = $odt->createHeading('Heading', 1);
$p1 = $odt->createParagraph('Paragraph 1');
$p1->style->fontSize = '12pt';
$p1->style->fontName = 'Times New Roman';
$p2 = $odt->createParagraph('Paragraph 2');
$a1 = $p1->createHyperlink('Test link', '');

Planned changes:

  1. define a custom exception class that extends from PEAR_Exception
  2. add phpdoc comments
  3. add a license note at the top
  4. make sure that the case of the files matches the case in the class names
  5. fix directory structure to map "_" to "/"
  6. generate DOM on load and save only, this will allow to increase productivity
  7. add operations with metadata
  8. add loadHTML() and saveHTML() methods
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  • PHP 5
  • ZipArchive >= 1.7.0
» Timeline » Changelog
  • First Draft: 2006-08-14
  • Proposal: 2006-08-14
  • Call for Votes: 2006-08-21
  • Alexander Pak
    [2006-08-14 19:57 UTC]

    Added planed changes
  • Alexander Pak
    [2006-08-14 20:07 UTC]

    Changed ZipArchive required version
  • Alexander Pak
    [2006-08-17 20:48 UTC]

    Added comments to example source file
  • Alexander Pak
    [2006-08-18 05:07 UTC]

    Added source files to proposal
  • Alexander Pak
    [2006-08-20 22:58 UTC]

    Completed some TODO items, uploaded PEAR installable package