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FIT: Framework for Integrated Test

Testing_FIT, also known as PHPFIT

Ward Cunningham's FIT is a well known tool for enhancing collaboration in software development. The FIT platform is available in many language like Java, C++, Pythen etc.

FIT works by reading tables in HTML files, produced with a tool like Microsoft Word. Each table is interpreted by a "fixture" that programmers write. The fixture checks the examples in the table by running the actual programme.

With tables and annotations, non-software-developers can precisely define how software tobe build should work and what behaviour is expected. Hence FIT gives customers and programmers a way to communicate precisely about their software. Customers' concrete examples give programmers insight into the product being built. Programmers' work on fixtures and the software allow customers to experiment with different examples and gain insight into how the software really works. By working together, the whole team will learn more about the product and produce a better result.

Testing_FIT provides the FIT platform for PHP 5 in a very convenient and PEAR stylish way. As FIT specification demands, Testing_FIT test cases are portable to other platforms (Java, C++).
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  • First Draft: 2006-04-04
  • Proposal: 2006-10-28
  • Call for Votes: 2007-06-11
  • gERD Schaufelberger
    [2007-06-05 20:43 UTC]

    Renamed package to Testing_FIT