Proposal for "Structures_Form_Gtk2"

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A PHP-GTK 2 front end for Structures_Form

This package provides Elements, Element Groups, and Renderers for Structures_Form.


  1. All elements extend GtkWidget so that they can be easily added to any container.
  2. Many different element types.
  3. Simple GtkTable renderer.
  4. Simple GtkFrame group.
  5. All classes included in the package will be fully unit tested (PEAR::PHPUnit2) before the first beta release. (Unit tests must wait until the API is stable)


See: Structures_Form
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  • Structures_Form >= 0.4.0devel
  • Gtk2_IndexedComboBox >= 0.0.3
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  • First Draft: 2006-03-23
  • Proposal: 2006-03-23
  • Call for Votes: 2006-04-14
  • Scott Mattocks
    [2006-03-30 18:03 UTC]

    Added Gtk2FileSelect class.
  • Scott Mattocks
    [2006-03-31 16:14 UTC]

    Add Gtk2Date.
    Add addOption and removeOption methods for Gtk2TextSelect.
    Add Gtk2Button and make Gtk2Submit and Gtk2Cancel extend it.
  • Scott Mattocks
    [2006-04-13 19:46 UTC]

    Updates based on feedback from Christian Weiske and Bertrand Gugger.