Proposal for "Gtk2_PHPConfig"

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  • Category: Gtk2 Components
  • Proposer: Anant Narayanan 
  • License: LGPL Version 2.1
» Description
A simple user-friendly interface to the php.ini configuration file.

This is a GUI built in PHP-Gtk2. The various configuration options are described in an XML file which enables easy addition and editing of the configuration options themselves.

* Can parse any existing INI file or generate new ones.
* Preserves all existing comments if any (normal and even inline).
* Can add comments from the GUI itself.
* Default values and description of each option mentioned to aid configuration.
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  • PHP >= 5.1.1
  • PHP-Gtk >= 2.0.0dev
» Timeline » Changelog
  • First Draft: 2006-01-22
  • Proposal: 2006-01-22
  • Call for Votes: 2006-01-29
  • Anant Narayanan
    [2006-01-22 20:40 UTC]

    Minor fixes suggested by Christian implemented (except the part that suggests that ini files should be allowed to be opened from the GUI itself, will do that soon)
  • Anant Narayanan
    [2006-01-23 13:10 UTC]

    I have added a commenting system to the GUI. All lines beginning with a ;/ will be considered as comments. I did not include all line beginning with ; as comments as it would dramatically increase clutter in the configuration file.

    You may add/remove/modify comments from within the GUI to see how they are reflected in the file. Don't forget to press the "Set Values" button to send the changes in comments and Values of the configuration options to the buffer.

    As requested by Christian, new files may be created and existing files opened from within the GUI itself.
  • Anant Narayanan
    [2006-01-26 17:29 UTC]

    The Application will now preserve existing comments and edit only the directives. This is in addition to the custom commenting system implemented in the previous version. A directive may now be "unset/disabled". Other Miscellaneous fixes.
  • Anant Narayanan
    [2006-01-27 12:43 UTC]

    Added a Save As button, Newer file dialog boxes, progress bars and fixed keyboard shortcuts.

    Any last minute suggestions before I call for votes?! (2 more days to go)
  • Anant Narayanan
    [2006-01-29 21:56 UTC]

    Final bug fixes and some added functionality in preserving inline comments. Now deemed as "stable" at 1.0.0!