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This package adds an element to the PEAR::HTML_QuickForm package to dynamically create an HTML input text element that at every keypressed javascript event, returns a list of options in a dynamic dropdown select box(live dropdown select).
This work can be done calling by XMLHttpRequest a script for sending
the request to the server and retrieving data from the script output in a format depending on our needs.
This type of livesearch is useful when you have a form with a dropdown list with a large number of row.
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  • PEAR Package: HTML_QuickForm 3.2.3 or newer
  • PEAR Package: HTML_AJAX 0.3 or newer
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  • First Draft: 2005-10-13
  • Proposal: 2006-01-17
  • Call for Votes: 2006-01-29
  • Voting Extended: 2006-02-06
  • Giuseppe Dessi
    [2006-01-20 15:39 UTC]


    1. [1/12/2005]Working to make it dependent on HTML_AJAX

    2. [20/12/2005]Now it work with HTML_AJAX but some features are not working.

    3. [05/01/2006]Working on......examples as soon as ;)

    4. [17/01/2006]packed as alpha

    5. [20/01/2006]Add styles as class, the user can set as he like.
      Modified Example with callback for post value recalculation
      Add 0 length search control
      Various fix

    Last Edit 20/01/2006