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XML_Feed_Parser is a package providing unified access to a range of XML-based syndication formats. At present it offers near-complete support for Atom 1.0, RSS1.0 and RSS2.0, and it should be straightforward to add support for other formats.

Some abstraction is provided to allow for a unified API across all feed formats (with atom 1.0 usually being considered normative) while access to each format's specific features is also available.

Numerous unit tests are already in place to check consistency. More consistent support for xml:base and character sets/encoding is in the works.

It does not provide HTTP features as those are covered in other PEAR packages and providing a well behaved feed consumer is beyond the scope of this package. It does not provide feed creation features as those would be better covered in another package which would hopefully interoperate with this one.
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  • First Draft: 2005-09-03
  • Proposal: 2005-09-22
  • Call for Votes: 2005-10-02
  • James Stewart
    [2005-09-23 03:08 UTC]

    Updated language slightly.
    Linked to new version of the package which fixes several of the reported issues.
  • James Stewart
    [2005-09-29 14:36 UTC]

    Added note about working on better character set handling.
  • James Stewart
    [2005-10-02 04:35 UTC]

    Removed note about entities issue as that is resolved in latest version/unit tests