Proposal for "Services_DynDNS"

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  • Category: Web Services
  • Proposer: Bryan Dunlap 
  • License: PHP
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Services_DynDNS is an OO wrapper for sending requests and receiving responses to the DynDNS REST API. It is not, in and of itself, intended to be an update "client" for the service. Rather, it's intent is to provide a generic, easy-to-use PHP API to exposed DynDNS functionality, allowing PHP developers to write whatever type of client they wish.

Currently provides for updating of existing DNS account information (Dynamic, Static and Custom). Pluggable architecture allows for easily extending functionality should DynDNS expose additional services in the future.
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  • HTTP_Request
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  • First Draft: 2005-07-12
  • Proposal: 2005-07-14
  • Call for Votes: 2005-07-27
  • Voting Extended: 2005-08-04
  • Bryan Dunlap
    [2005-07-16 19:59 UTC]

    Added static methods Services_DynDNS::getUserAgent() and Services_DynDNS::setUserAgent() to allow developers to use their own user agent values when developing DynDNS clients (the "User-Agent" HTTP header is required by the DynDNS REST service). If no custom user agent value is set, the package uses SERVICES_DYNDNS_DEFAULT_USER_AGENT as a default value.

    Added Services_DynDNS_Request_common::addHostname() to allow hostnames to be added to existing Services_DynDNS_Request instances, without having to overwrite the entire parameter using Services_DynDNS_Request_common::setParameter().

    Cleaned up docblocks.
  • Bryan Dunlap
    [2005-07-21 16:20 UTC]

    Added example source file to show basic API usage.
  • Bryan Dunlap
    [2005-07-21 18:46 UTC]


    Changed 'self::' references to 'Services_DynDNS::' for PHP4 compatibility.
    apiVersion() now simply returns the SERVICES_DYNDNS_API_VERSION.
    Altered error messages per Philippe's suggestion.
    Changed $value check in _userAgent().
    Cleaned up DocBlock


    Added basename() call per Philippe's suggestion.