Proposal for "PEAR_PackageFileManager_GUI_Gtk"

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A PHP-GTK 1 frontend for the PEAR_PackageFileManager class. It makes it easier for developers to create and maintain PEAR package.xml files.

* Update existing package files or create new ones
* Import values from an existing package file
* Drag-n-Drop package directory into the application for easy loading
* Set package level information (package name, description, etc.)
* Set release level information (version, release notes, etc.)
* Easily add maintainers
* Browse package files as a tree and click to add a dependency
* Add install time global and file replacements
* Package file preview window
* Package the package using the new package file via PEAR_Packager

ScreenShots can be found at: (Slightly out of date but should still give a reasonable representation.)
» Dependencies » Links
  • PEAR_PackageFileManager 1.5.0
  • PEAR 1.3.0
  • Gtk_FileDrop 0.1.0 (Optional)
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  • First Draft: 2005-03-14
  • Proposal: 2005-03-15
  • Call for Votes: 2005-04-05
  • Scott Mattocks
    [2005-03-15 17:34 UTC]

    Added a link to screen shots.
  • Scott Mattocks
    [2005-03-21 21:48 UTC]

    Added packaging of the package.
    Added checks to make sure the user has previewed before saving and saved before packaging.
  • Scott Mattocks
    [2005-04-04 12:58 UTC]

    Added support for replacements.
    Pages are note created until they can be used.
    Added support of importing options from existing package file.
    Cleaned up code.

    Final version before PEPr::CfV