Proposal for "XML_MXML"

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  • Category: XML
  • Proposer: Markus Nix 
  • License: PHP License
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Flex enables enterprise-class Rich Internet Applications and is designed to address a certain class of problems around multistep processes, client-side validation, data manipulation, and data visualization. This package allows you to build flex documents programatically.

MXML is the XML language for writing Macromedia Flex applications that you can use to lay out user-interface components. You can also use MXML to declaratively define nonvisual aspects of an application, such as access to server-side data sources and data bindings between user-interface components and server-side data sources.

The API follows closely Stephan Schmidts XUL-Package with enhanced functionality like use of Iterators and ArrayAccess.
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  • XML_Parser
  • XML_Util
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  • First Draft: 2004-10-04
  • Proposal: 2004-10-04
  • Call for Votes: 2004-10-11