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  • Till Klampaeckel  [2012-04-19 17:45 UTC]

    I'd second what the first email said (though I don't see the comment?).

    In addition:

    * it would be nice if other variants like date('r') (RFC date) are supported
    * i'd rather see this in PEAR2 (and namespaced)

  • Markus Tacker  [2012-04-19 17:50 UTC]

    Gidea to bake this into a pear package!

    - There should be an addFormat($fmt) method.
    - make sure that formats is sorted by the threshold
    - formats should be an entity
    - get() should accept DateTime objects
    - Put the english localisation in a subclass HumanDiff_EN
    - Missing PHP docs in the tests file
    - remove the ?> at EOF

    Just my 2cents™.

    (Copied from my reply to the ML.)