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  • Ken Guest  [2010-05-27 13:29 UTC]

    looks good and seems like a useful addition - as I'd expect I can't find fault with it! :D
  • Michael Mussulis  [2010-05-31 11:00 UTC]


    Works fine, tested it.

    However, how about passing options like theme, etc?

  • Michael Mussulis  [2010-05-31 11:29 UTC]


    I just noticed I am having problems with multiple reCaptchas on the same page, albeit with different name/id.

    Any ideas?

  • Christian Weiske  [2010-05-31 11:46 UTC]

    ReCAPTCHA itself does not allow more than one captcha per HTML page. That limitation is not fixable by us.

    Options and so can be passed by fetching the ReCaptcha object after creating the element:
    After that, you have a Services_ReCaptcha object to modify.
  • Michael Gauthier  [2011-01-30 21:22 UTC]

    Why don't you use the package instead of writing your own?
  • David Jean Louis  [2011-01-30 22:45 UTC]

    @mike, in fact, Christian already uses it:

    @cweiske looks very good and a very useful quickform2 extension
  • Michael Gauthier  [2011-01-31 15:04 UTC]

    Mad bad, and I agree.

    What's holding this proposal back from votes?
  • Christian Weiske  [2011-01-31 15:09 UTC]

    I didn't have time to write unit tests yet.