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  • David Jean Louis  [2008-10-27 11:34 UTC]

    Hello Arnaud,

    This looks very, very interesting... I didn't look at the code very much but I can see many useful usages for this package, good idea.
    Just a note: maybe the runner could make use of the brand new System::Daemon package ? (just not to duplicate code...).
  • Arnaud Le Blanc  [2008-10-27 12:10 UTC]

    Hello David,

    System_Daemon seems to be mainly useful for daemons written in PHP, while Net_FastCGI_Runner is used for spawning external fastcgi applications (like php-cgi itself). All the Runner class does compared to a simple exec() is to pass a socket as application's stdin.

    However, System_Daemon can be used in conjunction with Net_FastCGI :)
  • Till Klampaeckel  [2008-10-27 12:15 UTC]


    two questions:

    1) Can you put the source online? Browsable would be nice. :-)
    2) What exactly is a FastCGI application and can you explain more in detail what your package does? I'm not really familiar with it and have no idea what this package does.

  • Arnaud Le Blanc  [2008-10-27 13:29 UTC]


    The sources are available here:

    FastCGI is a protocol commonly used as an interface between an HTTP server and a web application, designed to be faster than CGI. See for more details.

    My Net_FastCGI package proposal is a client for such applications, you can send requests to a FastCGI application and read/parse responses from the application.