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  • Davey Shafik  [2004-04-12 20:35 UTC]

    This looks like it does exactly what Andrew describes, the name should probably be Net_IM_Prescense though, Net_Prescense sounds like it checks out nodes on a network to me.

    - Davey
  • Aidan Lister  [2004-04-13 00:48 UTC]

    I like the idea of this package.
    You will need to fix the constants names, they should include the full name of the package for namespacing reasons. Eg. NET_PRESENCE_MODE_ICQ
  • Andrew Heebner  [2004-04-13 02:37 UTC]

    The constants have been changed, and are available in an updated package (same URL).


    I'll hold off on the renaming of the class until more comments are made, or if it is a huge deal.
  • Greg Beaver  [2004-04-13 03:40 UTC]

    Cool package, will definitely be useful.

    Some details:
    - it installs to Net/Presence/Presence.php, but should install to Net/Presence.php
    - URLs to IM services should *not* be hard-coded, what if they change?
    - NET_PRESENCE_MODE_* constants seem unnecessary, you could add new IM services without upgrading through the use of text indexes "aim", "msn" etc. Just document the available ones, and allow a simple plugin mechanism for new ones.

    I'd recommend not using a switch, instead try

    $method = 'get' . $medium;
    if (method_exists($this, $method)) {
    $return = $this->$method($uid)

    and define methods getAIM(), getMSN(), getYahoo(), etc.

    My last request is could you provide the possibility to do other useful IM functions in the future so it isn't a 1-function wonder?

    This would allow name change to Net_IMInfo, both more understandable and shorter to type.
  • Martin Jansen  [2004-04-13 12:51 UTC]

    I think that the support for the different instant messengers should be moved into some sort of plug-in/container mechanism, where one can easily add new interfaces without touching the base code. And I agree with Davey that the name should probably be Net_IM_Presence.

    Apart from that I like the package.
  • Tobias Schlitt  [2004-04-13 13:20 UTC]

    I proposed mainly the same package a time ago. This one was rejected because of it's simpleness. Nevertheless, I like that thing, so keep it going.
  • Stefan Neufeind  [2004-04-14 22:36 UTC]

    I like the idea. But as described in earlier comments, I think that all network-specific functions should be moved into separate containers. A name of Net_IM_Presence makes most sense to me, to clear up the namespace, and to be able to maybe add Net_IM_MSN or whatever. By the way, isn't ICQ named "Oscar" (because of the protocol name)?

    If Andrew has some insights in the different protocols I'd really like if he could extend his work in that field and maybe offer separate packages at least for basic text-chatting. This would allow to write daemons that utilise the networks. And those separate packages could then be used inside Net_IM_Presence so we won't duplicate functionality.

    Oh, how about Jabber-presence-checking? Anybody knows something about this? If (easily) possible, could it be added to the package? Well, but that's not one thing on which my decision for a first release depends - just giving the thought.
  • David Kendal  [2004-04-15 19:03 UTC]

    Hmmm. I deleted my Block Checker since it didn't work >.< Now I gotta write it all over again. Nenvermind.

    Anyway, Nice Package!

    - davidk