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  • Firman Wandayandi  [2006-10-26 03:27 UTC]

    GUI? What category is it? I guess XML [1] category more feet for it.

    Well I'm not sure what is it. But I saw on method place(), the source of Flash movie is always "gauge.swf", It's better to make it customizable. If you did it, you just can place only one gauge per page and unless of flexiblity.

  • Justin Patrin  [2006-10-26 04:37 UTC]

    Try to keep your use of ' and " consistent. It looks like you should be able to replace your " with ' without any problems.

    This package definately looks like it goes in the XML category. Perhaps XML_SWFGuage?
  • Arnaud Limbourg  [2006-10-26 07:53 UTC]

    I think it would be better off as XML_Gauge, there is currently no GUI category and having one would be tricky because it would be very broad.

    On the code level I suggest you make place and render return the html instead of echo'ing it.

    There are some CS issues but nothing that cannot be changed once it is in CVS.
  • Laurent Laville  [2006-10-26 18:49 UTC]

    Look like promising, and give me idea to use such solution for HTML_Progress3 (full rewrite to PHP5 with new features) [1].

    Even if it's not too difficult, I would appreciated to see examples (scripts) in your tarball or links for online demo.

    Very impressive! Keep on this way :)

    [1] HTML_Progress2 is one of my packages that give ability to include a loading bar in xhtml document.