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  • Tetsuji Koyama  [2006-03-03 10:44 UTC]

    Why it depend on mbsting?
    I found this code in several place:

    Hatena API based on UTF-8, why you use 'euc'?
    If someone use this classes with 'UTF-8' mb_internal_encoding, is it works fine?
  • Makoto Tanaka  [2006-03-03 17:52 UTC]

    Thank you for advice.
    And I think you are right.
    I donot have to use "mb_internal_encoding".

    Now, I revised it.

    Thank you.
  • bertrand Gugger  [2006-03-03 20:17 UTC]

    I cannot appreciate the uses of it, I will trust you on that.

    PEAR has some CS == Coding Standards, you find them on the site,
    for example, you may not write:
    function blah() {...}
    but you need to do:
    function blah()
    It's no bloody constraint, just get it more readable by any dev.

    There's more, better you go through them first.
  • bertrand Gugger  [2006-03-03 20:27 UTC]

    Very important, you may only require/include against fixed pathes.
    It's the implementer fixing where stuff comes from.
    require_once(HATENA_BASEDIR . "base.php");
    but something like:
    require_once 'Services/Hatena/base.php';

    That's not to get it readable but secure and trustable.
  • Makoto Tanaka  [2006-03-04 03:19 UTC]

    Thank you for advice.
    I'm sorry : My code was not readable.
    I revised it according to your advice.
    (i) function blah() {...}
    (ii) require_once( ... )
    Thank you,
  • bertrand Gugger  [2006-03-04 11:10 UTC]

    Looks very nice and complete. Few points more:
    * you don't neet parenthesis in require as:
    require_once 'Services/Hatena/base.php';
    * use better single quotes everywhere you don't need some expansion, it's more performant
    * you use PEAR but I don't find any require for it ?
    * the rule by PEAR is one class per file, you may not declare 2 classes in Base.php, you need do separate Services_Hatena_login in its own file.
    * you must put the first letter of coumpounds in uppercase as Services_Hatena_Login, file names also as Login.php
    * one docbook entry missing for $parameters in Bookmark.php, Foto.php ...
    * @version CVS: $Id$ only in file header, class header should have @version Release: @package_version@
    * make a better description in package.xml, that will be on site and should explain what does the package. The thanks you have currently there would be better welcome in notes
    * be aware version numbers as 0.0.x are only for the proposal time, your first release will have to be 0.1.0
    * your test/demo hatena_services.php should be in doc/examples, not in data
    * you are missing some dependencies (HTTP_Request, XML_RPC ...) in package.xml
    * is it not possible to set the hatena base url in Base.php and have each service just add their own path to it ? you repeat it in each of them...
    * also some services looks very similar they could eventually have share some code, but it's esthetic, not necessarly a problem
    * More generally, I wonder if some unification would not be possible, each service has its own different interface, lot to learn ... but it's inherent to each service's particularity certainly.
    * We tend to privilagiate PHP5, however you don't seem to necessitate it, being compat PHP4/5 could profit to more people ... (my personal opinion)
  • Makoto Tanaka  [2006-03-05 05:27 UTC]

    I thank for very detailed advice very much.I am careful from the next time.
    At first I revised it from the thing which was easy to wrestle.
    (1) removed parenthesis for require_once
    (2) used single quotes for require_once
    (3) required 'PEAR.php'
    (4) separated file to Login.php
    (5) renamed all class and file name.
    asin.php to Asin.php and
    Services_Hatena_asin, Services_Hatena_Asin
    (6) removed $parameters in Foto.php and Bookmark.php
    (7) used Release: @package_version@ for class comment
    (8) changed description in package.xml
    (9) moved from
    data/hatena_services.php to doc/examples/Hatena_Services_
    (10) added dependencies HTTP_Request and XML_RPC in package.xml
    And I changed Dependencies in proposal-show for HTTP_Request.

    Thank you!!
  • Makoto Tanaka  [2006-03-08 04:43 UTC]

    Every time, I thank for very detailed advice very much.

    >is it not possible to set the hatena base url in Base.php
    I revised it.I set base url in Base.php, and used it from Bookmark.php, Foto.php and etc..

    I want to examine correspondence to PHP4 and commonization in future.
    Thank you,,