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  • Christian Weiske  [2005-02-13 18:29 UTC]

    IMO the functionality of this package is too specific. I can't think of more than 2 use cases for isometric images from within PHP
  • Ryan King  [2005-02-13 20:08 UTC]

    I think this package could be very useful for building more advanced CAPTCHAs.
  • Nobody is Here  [2005-02-13 20:36 UTC]

    Possible use cases I could think about:

    - visualization of statistic data
    - interactive 3d maps of exhibitions and similar things
    - product visualization
    - browser games

    and I am sure there are more useful things to do with my package. The idea to use it for CAPTCHAs looks very promising to me.
  • Jesper Veggerby  [2005-02-14 20:20 UTC]

    I can see a usage for this (as Rolf says) together with Image_Graph to create 3D plots - not to say I think it could be pretty cool!

    To be able to do this I was considering if maybe it wasn't a good idea to create a image driver class (Image_Graph uses this already, but make it generic as a package for itself).

    I know this is similar to the chicken and the egg stuff, but I created a proposal for such a driver:

    Rolf: would you see if this is something that makes sense for you to use as well (I can see some sense in it), 'cause making Image_Graph use the current proposal is not possible.
  • Nobody is Here  [2005-02-14 23:18 UTC]

    Jesper: Just wrote a Renderer which uses your proposed Image_Driver. It works very well and I commited it to the cvs at sourceforge.
  • Olivier Guilyardi  [2005-02-15 00:01 UTC]

    I did code some 3D stuff in PHP a few months ago, for some artistic-like project of mine.

    Check it there :
    Here is the source of the image generation script :

    I guess your package could have saved me some time, with for example the Image_Isometric_Object3D::rotate*() methods.

    And I do see many usage for 3D representations, even for enterprise statistics. The point is that for the user to be able to have a clear view of the object, he/she needs to rotate it IMHO, as in my script (arrows near X, Y, and Z).

    In this regard, will you provide some rotate*() methods at the Image_Isometric level, so that one can rotate the whole thing after many addObject()'s ?

    Anyway, the examples you show quite convinced me you're doing a great and useful work :-)