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PHP library to parse and generate "Extensible Resource Descriptor" (XRD + JRD) files LGPL
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0.3.0 (alpha) was released on 2013-04-26 (Changelog)
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pear install XML_XRD

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php pyrus.phar install pear/XML_XRD

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» Description
PHP library to parse and generate Extensible Resource Descriptor (XRD) Version 1.0 files. It supports loading and saving XML (XRD) and JSON (JRD) markup.

XRD and JRD files are used for .well-known/host-meta files as standardized in RFC 6415: Web Host Metadata.

The XRD format supercedes the XRDS format defined in XRI 2.0, which is used in
the Yadis communications protocol.
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