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Class: Validate_NL

Source Location: /Validate_NL-0.5.2/Validate/NL.php

Class Overview

Data validation class for the Netherlands



  • Release: @package_version@


  • 1997-2005 Dave Mertens


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Class Details

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Data validation class for the Netherlands

This class provides methods to validate:

  • Social insurance number (aka SIN)
  • Bank account number
  • Telephone number
  • Postal code

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Method Detail

bankAccountNumber   [line 134]

bool bankAccountNumber( string $number)

Bankaccount validation check (based on 11proef)
  • Return: true is bankaccount number 'seems' correct


string   $number     Dutch bankaccount number

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phoneNumber   [line 79]

bool phoneNumber( string $number, [int $type = PHONENUMBER_TYPE_ANY])

Validate a phonenumber
  • Return: true if (phone) number is correct


string   $number     Dutch phonenumber (can be in international format (eg +31 or 0031)
int   $type     Type of phonenumber to check

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postalCode   [line 61]

bool postalCode( string $postcode, [bool $strong = false])

Validate a NL postcode
  • Return: true if postcode is ok, false otherwise


string   $postcode     NL postcode to validate
bool   $strong     optional; strong checks (e.g. against a list of postcodes) (not implanted)

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ssn   [line 122]

bool ssn( string $ssn)

Social Security Number check (very simple, just a 9 digit number..) In Dutch SoFi (Sociaal Fiscaal) nummer
  • Return: true if SSN number is correct


string   $ssn     Dutch social security number

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