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Class: Validate_AR

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Class Overview

Data validation class for Argentina



  • Release: @package_version@


  • 1997-2005 Marcelo Santos Araujo


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Data validation class for Argentina

This class provides methods to validate:

  • Postal code CPA (Código Postal Argentino)
  • Regions - provinces of Argentina

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Method Detail

postalCode   [line 60]

bool postalCode( string $postalCode, [bool $strong = false], [bool $casesens = true])

Validate CPA (Código Postal Argentino, like postcode in US and other languages) format: one letter [B-T],four digits and three letters


string   $postalCode     AR CPA/postalCode to validate
bool   $strong     optional; checks (e.g. against a list of postcodes) (not implemented)
bool   $casesens     optional; (true - case sensitive, false - not case sensitive)

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region   [line 83]

bool region( string $region)

Validates a "region" (i.e. province) code
  • Return: true if $region is ok, false otherwise


string   $region     2-letter state code

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