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Class: Text_CAPTCHA_Numeral

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Class Overview

Class used for numeral captchas



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Class Details

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Class used for numeral captchas

This class is intended to be used to generate numeral captchas as such as: Example: Give me the answer to "54 + 2" to prove that you are human.

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Method Detail

__construct (Constructor)   [line 185]

Text_CAPTCHA_Numeral __construct( [constant $complexityType = self::TEXT_CAPTCHA_NUMERAL_COMPLEXITY_ELEMENTARY])

Constructor with different levels of mathematical operations sets
  • Access: public


constant   $complexityType   — 

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getAnswer   [line 544]

string getAnswer( )

Get the answer value

This function will retrieve the answer value from this->answer and return it so we can then display it to the user.

  • Return: The operation answer value.
  • Access: public

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getFirstNumber   [line 559]

integer getFirstNumber( )

Get the first number

This function will get the first number value from $this->firstNumber

  • Return: The firstNumber
  • Access: public

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getOperation   [line 528]

string getOperation( )

Get operation

This function will get the operation string from $this->operation

  • Return: The operation String
  • Access: public

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getSecondNumber   [line 573]

integer getSecondNumber( )

Get the second number value

This function will return the second number value

  • Return: The second number
  • Access: public

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