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Class: Services_Weather

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Class Overview

This class acts as an interface to various online weather-services.



  • Release: 1.4.3


  • 2005-2007 Alexander Wirtz


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This class acts as an interface to various online weather-services.

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Method Detail

apiVersion   [line 183]

string apiVersion( )

For your convenience, when I come up with changes in the API...
  • Access: public

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isError   [line 236]

bool isError( PEAR_Error|mixed $value)

Checks for an error object, same as in PEAR
  • Access: public


PEAR_Error|mixed   $value   — 

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service   [line 141]

PEAR_Error|object &service( string $service, [array $options = null])

Factory for creating the services-objects

Usable keys for the options array are:

  • debug enables debugging output
--- Common Options
  • cacheType defines what type of cache to use
  • cacheOptions passes cache options
  • unitsFormat use (US)-standard, metric or custom units
  • customUnitsFormat defines the customized units format
  • httpTimeout sets timeout for HTTP requests
  • httpProxy sets proxy for HTTP requests, please use the notation http://[user[:pass]@]host[:port]
  • dateFormat string to use for date output
  • timeFormat string to use for time output
--- EJSE Options
  • none
--- GlobalWeather Options
  • none
--- METAR/TAF Options
  • dsn String for defining the DB connection
  • dbOptions passes DB options
  • sourceMetar http, ftp or file - type of data-source for METAR
of METAR information
  • sourceTaf http, ftp or file - type of data-source for TAF
of TAF information --- Options
  • partnerID You'll receive these keys after registering
  • licenseKey with the XML-service
  • preFetch Enables pre-fetching of data in one single request

  • Throws: PEAR_Error
  • Access: public


string   $service   — 
array   $options   — 

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