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Class: PEAR_PackageFileManager_SimpleGenerator

Source Location: /PEAR_PackageFileManager-1.7.0/PackageFileManager/SimpleGenerator.php

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Class for XML output



  • Release: 1.7.0


  • 2005-2009 The PEAR Group


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Class for XML output

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Method Detail

PEAR_PackageFileManager_SimpleGenerator (Constructor)   [line 38]

PEAR_PackageFileManager_SimpleGenerator PEAR_PackageFileManager_SimpleGenerator( )

remove a warning about missing parameters - don't delete this

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getFileRoles   [line 78]

void getFileRoles( )

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getReplacementTypes   [line 83]

void getReplacementTypes( )

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recursiveXmlFilelist   [line 147]

string recursiveXmlFilelist( array $list)

  • Access: protected


array   $list     

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setPackageFileManagerOptions   [line 47]

void setPackageFileManagerOptions( array $opts)


array   $opts     list of generation options

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validatePackageInfo   [line 102]

boolean validatePackageInfo( string $info, array &$errors, array &$warnings, [string $dir_prefix = ''])

Validate XML package definition file.
  • Deprecated: use the validation of PEAR_PackageFile objects
  • Access: public


string   $info     Filename of the package archive or of the package definition file
array   &$errors     Array that will contain the errors
array   &$warnings     Array that will contain the warnings
string   $dir_prefix     (optional) directory where source files may be found, or empty if they are not available

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xmlFromInfo   [line 62]

string xmlFromInfo( array $pkginfo)

Return an XML document based on the package info (as returned by the PEAR_Common::infoFrom* methods).
  • Return: XML data
  • Deprecated: use a PEAR_PackageFile_v* object's generator instead
  • Access: public


array   $pkginfo     package info

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