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Class: Net_UserAgent_Mobile_GPS_Exception

Source Location: /Net_UserAgent_Mobile_GPS-0.1.1/UserAgent/Mobile/GPS/Exception.php

Class Overview


Net_GPS_Exception class



  • Release: 0.0.1


  • 2008 Kei Horikita



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Class Details

[line 64]
Net_GPS_Exception class

This class provides a exception for Net_GPS

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Class Variables

$errors = array()

[line 70]

stack error message
  • Access: protected

Type:   array

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Method Detail

addError   [line 79]

void addError( string $error)

Add error message to the internal error stack
  • Access: public


string   $error     Error message

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addErrors   [line 91]

void addErrors( array $errors)

Add multiple error messages to the internal error stack
  • Access: public


array   $errors     Array of error messages

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getErrors   [line 114]

array getErrors( )

Get list of error messages from the internal error stack

This method may be used to generate a list of error messages that have been returned from the Yahoo API.

  • Return: List of error messages
  • Access: public

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hasErrors   [line 101]

boolean hasErrors( )

Determine if the exception contains error messages in the internal stack
  • Return: True if the stack contains errors, false otherwise
  • Access: public

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