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Class: Net_Monitor_Alert_SMTP

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A class for sending alerts via SMTP (email) It uses the global Net_Monitor options (default):

  • smtp_debug - send debugging output to STDOUT for the SMTP alert (false)
  • from_email - who is the sender for the SMTP alert ('pear.Net_Monitor')
  • SMTP_default - array of options for Mail_SMTP used for normal adressees (array())

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Class Variables

$_alert =  null

[line 73]

The alert object to be used
  • Access: protected

Type:   object
Overrides:   Array

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$_service =  'SMTP'

[line 65]

Defines the name of the service
  • Access: protected

Type:   string
Overrides:   Array

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Method Detail

alert   [line 103]

mixed alert( mixed $server, array $result_array, [mixed $options = array()])

function alert

Sends the alerts to the specified SMTP servers First each dedicaded prioritary user (with own smtp parameters as array)

    • host - The server to connect. Default is localhost
    • port - The port to connect. Default is 25
    • auth - Whether or not to use SMTP authentication. Default is FALSE
    • username - The username to use for SMTP authentication.
    • $results is the array of results to send
    Returns true on success, PEAR_Error object on failure

    • Access: public

    Overrides Net_Monitor_Alert::alert() (function alert)


    mixed   $server   —  Server
    array   $result_array   —  Results
    mixed   $options   —  Options

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    sendAlert   [line 215]

    mixed sendAlert( mixed $email, array $params, array $headers, string $email_message)

    function sendAlert

    Sends the specified results to the specified SMTP server Returns true on success, PEAR_Error object on failure

    • Access: public


    mixed   $email   —  email(s) address(es)
    array   $params   —  smtp server parameters
    array   $headers   —  headers
    string   $email_message   —  message

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