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File: gntpAdapterSocketCallbacks.php

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Socket callbacks example that send notifications to Growl using the new GNTP/1.0 protocol

Callbacks are sent back to the sending application when an action is taken in response to a notification.

PHP version 5


require_once('Net/Growl/Autoload.php') [line 21]

cbNotify [line 37]

void cbNotify( string $result, string $context, string $type, string $timestamp)

Callback function when notification response is returned


string   $result   Notification-Callback-Result: header, result [CLICKED|CLOSED|TIMEDOUT] | [CLICK|CLOSE|TIMEOUT]
string   $context   Notification-Callback-Context: header, result from the original request
string   $type   Notification-Callback-Context-Type: header, result from the original request
string   $timestamp   Notification-Callback-Timestamp: header, result The date and time the callback occurred
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