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Class: Net_Gearman_Job

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Job creation class



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Job creation class

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Method Detail

factory   [line 67]

object Instance factory( string $job, object $conn, string $handle)

Create an instance of a job

The Net_Geraman_Worker class creates connections to multiple job servers and then fires off jobs using this function. It hands off the connection which made the request for the job so that the job can communicate its status from there on out.

  • Return: of Net_Gearman_Job_Common child
  • See: Net_Gearman_Job_Common
  • Throws: Net_Gearman_Exception
  • Access: public


string   $job     Name of job (func in Gearman terms)
object   $conn     Instance of Net_Gearman_Connection
string   $handle     Gearman job handle of job

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