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Class: MDB2_BufferedResult_sqlite

Source Location: /MDB2_Driver_sqlite-1.5.0b4/MDB2/Driver/sqlite.php

Class Overview


MDB2 SQLite buffered result driver



Inherited Variables

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Class: MDB2_Result_sqlite

Fetch a row and insert the data into an existing array.
Count the number of columns returned by the DBMS in a query result.

Class Details

[line 1020]
MDB2 SQLite buffered result driver

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Method Detail

numRows   [line 1075]

mixed numRows( )

Returns the number of rows in a result object
  • Return: MDB2 Error Object or the number of rows
  • Access: public

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seek   [line 1031]

mixed seek( [int $rownum = 0])

Seek to a specific row in a result set
  • Return: MDB2_OK on success, a MDB2 error on failure
  • Access: public


int   $rownum     number of the row where the data can be found

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valid   [line 1057]

mixed valid( )

Check if the end of the result set has been reached
  • Return: true or false on sucess, a MDB2 error on failure
  • Access: public

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