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Class: MDB2_BufferedResult_pgsql

Source Location: /MDB2_Driver_pgsql-1.5.0b4/MDB2/Driver/pgsql.php

Class Overview


MDB2 PostGreSQL buffered result driver



Inherited Variables

Inherited Methods

Class: MDB2_Result_pgsql

Fetch a row and insert the data into an existing array.
Free the internal resources associated with result.
Move the internal result pointer to the next available result
Count the number of columns returned by the DBMS in a query result.

Class Details

[line 1349]
MDB2 PostGreSQL buffered result driver

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Method Detail

numRows   [line 1404]

mixed numRows( )

Returns the number of rows in a result object
  • Return: MDB2 Error Object or the number of rows
  • Access: public

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seek   [line 1360]

mixed seek( [int $rownum = 0])

Seek to a specific row in a result set
  • Return: MDB2_OK on success, a MDB2 error on failure
  • Access: public


int   $rownum   —  number of the row where the data can be found

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valid   [line 1386]

mixed valid( )

Check if the end of the result set has been reached
  • Return: true or false on sucess, a MDB2 error on failure
  • Access: public

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