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Class: MDB2_Driver_Function_mysql

Source Location: /MDB2_Driver_mysql-1.5.0b4/MDB2/Driver/Function/mysql.php

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MDB2 MySQL driver for the function modules



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MDB2 MySQL driver for the function modules

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Method Detail

concat   [line 114]

string concat( string $value1, string $value2, string $values...)

Returns string to concatenate two or more string parameters
  • Return: to concatenate two strings
  • Access: public


string   $value1   — 
string   $value2   — 
string   $values...   — 

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executeStoredProc   [line 74]

mixed executeStoredProc( string $name, [mixed $params = null], [mixed $types = null], [mixed $result_class = true], [mixed $result_wrap_class = false])

Execute a stored procedure and return any results
  • Return: a result handle or MDB2_OK on success, a MDB2 error on failure
  • Access: public


string   $name   —  string that identifies the function to execute
mixed   $params   —  array that contains the paramaters to pass the stored proc
mixed   $types   —  array that contains the types of the columns in the result set
mixed   $result_class   —  string which specifies which result class to use
mixed   $result_wrap_class   —  string which specifies which class to wrap results in

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guid   [line 129]

string guid( )

Returns global unique identifier
  • Return: to get global unique identifier
  • Access: public

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unixtimestamp   [line 97]

string unixtimestamp( string $expression)

return string to call a function to get the unix timestamp from a iso timestamp
  • Return: to call a variable with the timestamp
  • Access: public


string   $expression   — 

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