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Class: I18N_Number

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this is just a basic implementation for now, but one day



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Class: I18N_Format

define a custom format given by $format and return the $format-id the format-id can be used to call format( x , format-id ) to tell the method you want to use the format with that id

Class Details

[line 32]
this is just a basic implementation for now, but one day

this http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/i18n/format/numberpattern.html should be implemented, anyone with a DecimalFormat-class please step forward :-)

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Class Variables

$_locale =

[line 41]

this var contains the current locale this instace works with
  • Var: this is a string like 'de_DE' or 'en_US', etc.
  • Access: protected

Type:   string
Overrides:   Array

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$_localeObj =  null

[line 49]

the locale object which contains all the formatting specs
  • Access: protected

Type:   object
Overrides:   Array

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Method Detail

format   [line 64]

string format( mixed $number, [ $format = null])

format a given number depending on the locale
  • Return: the formatted number
  • Author: Wolfram Kriesing <wolfram@kriesing.de>
  • Version: 02/11/22

Overridden in child classes as:



mixed   $number   —  the number to be formatted
   $format   — 

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formatPercent   [line 83]

void formatPercent( )

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