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Class: HTTP_SessionServer

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Session Server class



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Session Server class

This is a simple server, that stores session data.

It helps you doing several things:

  • share session data among different servers
  • share session data among different applications
  • share session data among different programming languages

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Method Detail

HTTP_SessionServer (Constructor)   [line 97]

HTTP_SessionServer HTTP_SessionServer( string $storage, [array $options = array()])

  • Access: public


string   $storage     storage container
array   $options     parameters for the storage container

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onReceiveData   [line 136]

boolean onReceiveData( int $clientId, string $data)

recieve data from the client
  • Access: public


int   $clientId     client id
string   $data     data

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service   [line 107]

void service( mixed $host, mixed $port)

start the server
  • Access: public

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