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Class: HTML_QuickForm2_Element_Captcha_Session_Mock

Source Location: /HTML_QuickForm2_Captcha-0.1.2/HTML/QuickForm2/Element/Captcha/Session/Mock.php

Class Overview


HTML_QuickForm2 Captcha dummy session storage



  • Release: 0.1.2



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HTML_QuickForm2 Captcha dummy session storage

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Class Variables

$data = array()

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  • Access: protected

Type:   mixed

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Method Detail

clear   [line 48]

void clear( )

Clears the data stored in this session.
  • Access: public

Overrides HTML_QuickForm2_Element_Captcha_Session::clear() (Clears the data stored in this session.)
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getSessionId   [line 69]

string getSessionId( )

Return session ID
  • Return: ID that identifies the session
  • Access: public

Overrides HTML_QuickForm2_Element_Captcha_Session::getSessionId() (Return session ID)
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hasData   [line 59]

boolean hasData( )

If the session already has data
  • Return: True if there are data, false if the session has not been used yet.
  • Access: public

Overrides HTML_QuickForm2_Element_Captcha_Session::hasData() (If the session already has data)
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setVarname   [line 38]

void setVarname( string $varname)

Initializes the captcha session.

Separate from __construct() because the variable name of a form element may change its ID until the form gets used.

  • Access: public

Overrides HTML_QuickForm2_Element_Captcha_Session::setVarname() (Initializes the captcha session.)


string   $varname   —  Session variable name to use

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__get   [line 81]

mixed __get( string $varname)

Returns a session variable.
  • Return: The value of the variable, null if not set.
  • Access: public

Overrides HTML_QuickForm2_Element_Captcha_Session::__get() (Returns a session variable.)


string   $varname   —  Name of the variable to retrieve

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__set   [line 98]

void __set( string $varname, string $value)

Sets the value of a session variable.
  • Access: public

Overrides HTML_QuickForm2_Element_Captcha_Session::__set() (Sets the value of a session variable.)


string   $varname   —  Name of the session variable to retrieve
string   $value   —  Value for the variable

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