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Class: HTML_QuickForm2_Element_Select_Optgroup

Source Location: /HTML_QuickForm2-2.0.2/HTML/QuickForm2/Element/Select.php

Class Overview


Class representing an <optgroup> tag



  • Release: 2.0.2


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[line 235]
Class representing an <optgroup> tag

Do not instantiate this class yourself, use HTML_QuickForm2_Element_Select::addOptgroup() method

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Method Detail

__construct (Constructor)   [line 247]

HTML_QuickForm2_Element_Select_Optgroup __construct( array &$values, array &$possibleValues, string $label, [string|array $attributes = null])

Class constructor
  • Access: public

Overrides HTML_QuickForm2_Element_Select_OptionContainer::__construct() (Class constructor)


array   &$values   —  Reference to values of parent <select> element
array   &$possibleValues   —  Reference to possible values of parent <select> element
string   $label   —  'label' attribute for optgroup tag
string|array   $attributes   —  Additional attributes for <optgroup> tag (either as a string or as an associative array)

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__toString   [line 254]

void __toString( )

  • Access: public

Overrides HTML_QuickForm2_Element_Select_OptionContainer::__toString() (parent method not documented)
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