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Class for GUI-based configuration of a php.ini file

PHP Version 5

This class is based on the PHP-Gtk2 extension and provides a user-friendly interface for editing php.ini files. All the possible configuration options have been defined in a separate XML file . This allows for easy addition of directives as PHP is developed further.

The class can parse any existing ini file, or create new ones. Parsing of existing files is currently a little inefficient, suggestions for improvement are welcome. New files and files previously generated by Gtk2_PHPConfig are parsed at a good speed though.

The interface displays all available configuration sections on the left pane, and their corresponding options in the top right pane. The bottom right pane displays the description of the option selected and the facility to change the value of that option.

  • Author: Anant Narayanan <>
  • Link:
  • Todo: Implement Christian's suggestion of asking for confirmation when a file is overwritten while doing a "save as"
  • Todo: Clicking Cancel on the File-Open dialog generates a notice
  • Todo: Add facility to add directives, apart from additions to XML
  • License: LGPL License 2.1

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